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OMEGA SCO Omega Centerfire Rifle Silencer

Designed for use with centerfire rifles. Full-auto and magnum rated with an integral recoil reducing Anchor Brake. Constructed of titanium, stainless steel and Stellite. Comes with a 5/8x24 direct thread mount, fast attach Active Spring Retention (ASR) mount, Specwar ASR muzzle brake and an Anchor Brake. Overall length: 7.09 inches. Diameter: 1.56 inches. Weight: 14.0 ounces. Multi-caliber rated from 5.7 thru .300 WinMag. Supported barrel lengths: 8 inch for .300BLK subs and supers; 10 inch for 5.56mm; 16 inch for 7.62mm and 20 inch for magnum calibers. All NFA rules apply.
OMEGA SCO Omega Centerfire Rifle Silencer
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