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SilencerCo OSPREYMICRO22 SCO Osprey Micro Modular Rimfire Silencer .22/.17 1/2x28

Small, modular rimfire silencer in 4.6 inches and user configurable to three inches with included tools. Flat sight plane for use with factory pistol sights. Rapid attach adapter included. EasyAlign rapid adapter tool included that tells you what color shims you need to align your Osprey Micro sight plane with your firearm sights. Full auto rated. Easy to clean; recommended cleaning at 1,000 rounds. Index mark at back of silencer to match up your sights. Includes thread protector for rapid adapter. Serial number and Silencerco logo on rearmost baffle. Rated for: .22LR; .17HMR; .22MAG; .22WMR. Length: 4.6 inches; 3 inches. Weight: 6.1 ounces at 4.6 inches; 4.3 ounces at 3 inches. 1/2x28 thread pattern. All NFA rules apply.
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